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COM over BOS in standing

Why do you assess a normal, wide and narrow base of support in standing?

Analyzing squats

Would it be possible to go into detail how you analyze squats?

Leaking running downhill

Hi I have a patient who has leaked for a long time with running. She is running >25 miles per week. Analyzed her on a treadmill and she had lots of pelvic drop , very little rotation and on MMT, was very weak in hip abductors. Treated hips with some single leg work, corrected her running form so that she was in more of a forward lean (ribs over pelvis) and using rotation of thorax and she did better on flats and uphill. But she is still struggling with leaking on the downhill. Any suggestions for what else to look at closer on her or suggestions for correction of downhill form. Obviously, she tends to lean back a little on downhills but who wants to lean forward and tumble down the hill. She does more trail running than regular and I am really looking at trying to help with that. Thanks so much Betsy

Backwards walking

I was wondering when you are most likely to add backwards walking to a HEP?

neuroimmune response

I am looking for ideas on language to describe a neuroimmune response with chronic pain. Sometimes I feel like I have figured out the primary driver but the patient still gets a pain response a few hours or even the day after exercise.